Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Girl, Baby Boy or Intersex?

Of course you want a baby girl or baby boy but definitely not an intersex baby, right? Intersex are people whose gender are difficult to determine. They were born with reproductive organs that are different from those of a boy and girl thus making it difficulty to say whether it is a boy or a girl.

This condition is called typical genitalia, a congenital birth defect of the sex organs making it difficult to identify whether a child is a girl or a boy. It is characterized by the baby having both testicles and vulva. It is also characterized by a baby girl having a large clitoris like a penis and a baby boy having testicles that have not properly descended.

Causes of atypical genitalia: 

- hormonal imbalance 
- variations in genetics 
- fetal tissues that have not properly formed into normal genitals  

Treatment of atypical genitalia

- surgery is done to either add or remove the reproductive organ that is suited or not suited to the child's gender

- hormone replacement therapy is also used to treat atypical genitalia

- the parents most especially, should be consulted when deciding what sex should be given to the child before surgery is performed then subsequent psychological support must be provided.

Classification of intersex babies:

1. Hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites both have male and female sex organs, they have testicular and ovarian tissues, and their chromosome sequence can be 46, XX, 46XX, or a combination of this sequence.

2. Those suffering from general dysgenesis

This describes a condition where children do not have fully developed testes or ovaries and their chromose sequence is 45, X, 46XY, 46XX.

3. Female children suffering from pure gonadal dysgenesis

This describes a female child who has 46, XY internal female organ and female external organ.

4. Pseudohermaphrodites

This describes children whose external genitals that cannot be clearly identified but have only one gender's internal sex organ.

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