Thursday, March 28, 2013

Casey Isabella Olivia

Casey is 13 months old. She turned one last February 12, 2013. I became a grandmother courtesy of this little angel, the daughter of my only daughter who's a Registered Nurse. His dad works at a large food manufacturing company.

This photo here was taken on her first birthday which was held last February 16, 2013.  

It has been a very rewarding 13 months with my first granddaughter. She is now a bubbly little toddler, very, very observant, very daring, a fast-learner, very amiable and very sociable.

Well, you might think that it has been totally a walk in the park through all those months but, no, there were minor problems, too. I had many apprehensions when Casey was still in her mommy's tummy. 

Casey was born by Ceasarian section. She weighted 4.13 lbs and measured 44.5 cms long. A very tiny baby! As a mother who has raised two healthy children, I was scared for Casey. It has been 20 plus years since I gave birth to her mom when mother earth was still very much healthy then. Global warming was not yet a very hot topic. I was scared that she might get sick during her first delicate months on this earth due to pollution and other health hazards.

First, second, third month. Thank God, Casey passed these critical months with flying colors--no colds or cough, no trouble sleeping, she was not colic, she enjoyed the healthiest and most natural milk ever! (She was breast-fed until her 11th month and was totally weaned from then on. Weaning Casey was no sweat. This will be discussed in another blog post). She was just totally enjoying her new-found freedom outside her mom's tummy!

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